Data Fields
neo4j_update_counts Struct Reference

Update counts. More...

#include <neo4j-client.h>

Data Fields

unsigned long long nodes_created
 Nodes created. More...
unsigned long long nodes_deleted
 Nodes deleted. More...
unsigned long long relationships_created
 Relationships created. More...
unsigned long long relationships_deleted
 Relationships deleted. More...
unsigned long long properties_set
 Properties set. More...
unsigned long long labels_added
 Labels added. More...
unsigned long long labels_removed
 Labels removed. More...
unsigned long long indexes_added
 Indexes added. More...
unsigned long long indexes_removed
 Indexes removed. More...
unsigned long long constraints_added
 Constraints added. More...
unsigned long long constraints_removed
 Constraints removed. More...

Detailed Description

Update counts.

These are a count of all the updates that occurred as a result of the statement sent to neo4j.

Field Documentation

◆ constraints_added

unsigned long long neo4j_update_counts::constraints_added

Constraints added.

◆ constraints_removed

unsigned long long neo4j_update_counts::constraints_removed

Constraints removed.

◆ indexes_added

unsigned long long neo4j_update_counts::indexes_added

Indexes added.

◆ indexes_removed

unsigned long long neo4j_update_counts::indexes_removed

Indexes removed.

◆ labels_added

unsigned long long neo4j_update_counts::labels_added

Labels added.

◆ labels_removed

unsigned long long neo4j_update_counts::labels_removed

Labels removed.

◆ nodes_created

unsigned long long neo4j_update_counts::nodes_created

Nodes created.

◆ nodes_deleted

unsigned long long neo4j_update_counts::nodes_deleted

Nodes deleted.

◆ properties_set

unsigned long long neo4j_update_counts::properties_set

Properties set.

◆ relationships_created

unsigned long long neo4j_update_counts::relationships_created

Relationships created.

◆ relationships_deleted

unsigned long long neo4j_update_counts::relationships_deleted

Relationships deleted.